Based in Manchester UK, we specialise in Electronic Music Mastering, House Music Mastering, Techno Music Mastering, Disco Masters…and all the other sub genres we love.

We have a history and passion for this music – a strong love for vinyl, and a focus on quality dynamic music that sounds great when you play it loud!

Matt’s Mastering is the Mastering, Studio, and Audio Services business setup by Matthew Sargeant.  Matthew has been working in Music and Mastering for over 15 years, working on numerous great records.


Having worked with some amazingly talented labels and artists over the years, we have built our studio so we can hit the highest levels when it comes to end product.

We have a strictly hybrid approach to production, using whatever tool fits the need most. From fully analogue masters to 1/4 tape all the way to digital only – what fits the clients needs is what we do.

We have a firm belief that the business should not be a gear list, when you work with Matt’s Mastering we want to build a trusting relationship as we build your sound.


If you are after punchy masters which beg to be turned up, not over crushed and ready for modern Apple Music, Spotify as much as club ready. Matt’s Mastering is the place.