What is mastering?

For us it is about taking your track and making it sound the best it can do for it’s final medium be it vinyl or digital, EP or Album. Doing that whilst retaining and bringing out the music and soul that you intended when writing it, we won’t stamp OUR SOUND all over it. We will carefully make your track sound fantastic and full whilst keeping it firmly your track.

We will take into account all the things that really matter, it’s not just about making your track as loud as possible so it competes. It is about all the small details in the chain leading to its release which matter to making it sound great.  From a punchy and vibey sound, to the correct order of tracks on an LP.

How long will it take?

Usually we ask for three days to comfortably work on your project, but if you have special needs or deadlines we will chat about them when you first contact us. You will always know when to expect something back after the first time you speak to us.

We also like to share our knowledge so make sure you check out the production blog.

We are happy to share our expertise, our lead Mastering Engineer Matt Sargeant has written many blogs on Music Production, Mixing and Mastering. So if your looking to learn and hang out in a place to pick up some tips… stick around.